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Dive into the PURPLE craze with US as you experience the vibes of the OCEAN. Josiah Candelaria created Purple Ocean Superfood Bar in order to not only bring home a little closer but also to promote well being through healthy eating. Purple Ocean not only brings the Caribbean feel of Puerto Rico to Orlando, FL but a very healthy option for locals as well. The vision derived from a gastronomic shortfall of Brazilian Açaí and Central American Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) in Central Florida with a touch of our Puerto Rican roots.

We are proud to serve the many organic, raw, and vegan community in Central Florida with these exquisite specialty Acai and Pitaya bowls along side with positive vibes. Its a fast organic meal for all to enjoy, from students to anyone in the mood for something sweet, raw and full of healthy flavor.

Purple Oceans sustainability efforts is a strong part of our project because this organic way of eating contributes to nourishing influences that also help protect our environment.


Stay connected with #PurpleOcean and #JointhePurplewave 

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