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Purple Ocean

at UCF

acai bowls ucf

Where Campus Life Meets Vibrant, Healthy Eating. Located right in the heart of UCF's bustling Student Union, Purple Ocean Superfood Bar offers a delicious escape for students and staff alike, serving up quick, nutritious vegan and vegetarian options perfect for the college lifestyle.

 Join us for a taste of vibrant, health-conscious dining that's
as dynamic and spirited as the UCF community itself!


Nestled in the UCF Student Union, Purple Ocean Superfood Bar is the go-to spot for students and staff seeking fast, wholesome meals amidst their busy schedules. 

At Purple Ocean, we're more than just a food spot; we're a vibrant part of the UCF community, offering a unique blend of health-conscious and flavorful vegan and vegetarian cuisine. 

Dive into a world where every bite is bursting with nutrients and kindness to the planet. It's not just food; it's life energy on a plate!

Plant-Based Power