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Purple Ocean at Waterford Lakes

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Nestled in the heart of the bustling Waterford Lakes Town Center, an outdoor mall that's a vibrant part of the Orlando metropolitan area, our Purple Ocean Superfood Bar is perfectly positioned to offer a refreshing escape.

Purple Ocean at Waterford Lakes Your Tropical Oasis in Orlando's Shopping Hub
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As you enjoy your shopping experience or take a break from your studies, Purple Ocean invites you to dive into a world of vibrant Caribbean flavors and healthful dining.

Our menu, featuring organic, vegan, and vegetarian options, is perfectly tailored to energize and delight. From our signature Açaí and Pitaya bowls to a variety of fresh, wholesome dishes, we offer the perfect fusion of taste and nutrition.

Dive into a world where every bite is bursting with nutrients and kindness to the planet. It's not just food; it's life energy on a plate!

Plant-Based Power